An entry such as TWX*COSMO on your credit card statement can be a bit cryptic. You may remember ordering a Cosmo, but you’re pretty sure the club wasn’t named TWX.cos-01-taylor-swift-december-RR22DZ-de-medium_new

TWX Magazine is a company that handles magazine subscriptions for such customer loyalty clubs (like airline frequent flyer programs) and discount clubs. These programs often offer a free or discounted trial period, after which the subscription is billed to the method of payment you provided when you accepted the offer. The charge will appear as “TWX*Cosmo” on your statement.

TWX Goodhous credit card statement

TWX Magazine sends a postcard notification just before the trial period ends to remind you that the charge will be applied to your method of payment. Sometimes, people can miss the cards in the mail.

However, if you need to cancel your subscription, or if you simply need to change your address or payment method, please contact us:

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